Why I’m Sick Of Authors Getting Pissed at Bad Reviews

Sorry about my meltdown last time I posted. I just needed to get a lot off of my chest. I’m not usually the type to say how I feel, so I’m learning how to be better at it. I think I just need to do it without scaring people, so if I scared the shit out of you, I apologize. I’m getting my shit together, and I’m learning to cope. I am OK. I hope you are too.

I know I’m not the first person to talk about this topic, and they may be able to say this more eloquently than I, but going off the theme of getting things off my chest, I have to say, I am so, so, so, so SICK of authors getting pissed at one star reviews. I feel like we’ve been seeing this absolutely disgusting behavior more often now. Especially abhorrent things like this. (Note: You may need to zoom in to read it.) As an author and fellow reader, I feel disrespected.

First of all, especially if you are a fellow indie author and you’re doing this? You are representing other indie authors, and are making us get taken less seriously. We already have a hard enough time getting our work out there and getting people to notice it, we don’t need them to notice it for all the wrong reasons. I get it; you put a lot of hard work into your book. There were many hours of sleepless nights and tears and blood and sweat and  . . . yeah, I get it. But you know something?

Nobody cares.

And they shouldn’t. None of that should ever factor into a reader’s feelings towards a book. You know why?

Because they paid for your book with their hard-earned cash, and they spent their time with it. Those factors should make any argument that anyone ever has towards a negative review null and void. Both are precious resources to a lot of people. Unless the review says, “The author is a shit stain and I hope they get a serious disease and die,” there’s no reason why people should start arguing, threatening, or otherwise trying to convince the reader that their opinion is wrong.

You know who’s wrong? YOU ARE. I work a full time job, and I know what it’s like budgeting for entertainment. When I purchase anything, be it a video game, book, movie, whatever, I have the right to say ANYTHING about it. And you do, too. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I also hate the bullshit argument, “Well if you don’t like it, then maybe you should try doing x.” Excuse my language, but fuck you. It’s not the customer’s job to make a better piece of entertainment. It should be YOUR job to accept the feedback if you want to, and feel honored that somebody was willing to spend their money and time on you. Be grateful for once and shut the hell up.

I also have to take issue with others coming to the author’s defense. Look, nobody buys anything and hopes to God that they hate it with a passion of a thousand suns. Not unless they are doing it ironically. I went to the theater to see The Boy Next Door. I have nobody to blame but myself for that one, but I knew what I was getting into. Nobody else wants to be “that guy” and shit all over something everybody loves. I like to think that people are offering up their own perspective of the work. That’s what makes most entertainment so enjoyable to me, because people have different experiences with it, and it leads me to see things in a new light.

Basically, that’s what reviews should be: a discussion point. It shouldn’t be an excuse for people to start attacking each other and accusing each other of jealousy. Nobody is jealous. If a negative review hurts your feelings SO MUCH that you feel like you have to “correct” the reviewer, then maybe you should find a different occupation.

Thank you, that is all.

I’m an Imposter — A Venting Session

I know it’s been years since I’ve updated. I’m going to try and be better about this, I promise. Right now, I have a few things I need to get off my chest, mostly for my sanity, so let’s just get right to it.

I work at one of the elite private universities in the U.S. I got here by the good graces of my lucky stars and Goodwill (who provided my interview suit). I was at a dead-end job, I was depressed as all hell, and I wanted to kill myself. This job probably saved my life.

And I’m throwing it away.

Like an idiot.

My PEP (Professional Evaluation something) is coming up, and I know it’s going to be shit. I’ve said it a million times that I’m lazy, and I worry now it’s going to bite me in the ass. I know this is probably my depression talking. I know that I’m probably overreacting as usual. But I can’t escape the feeling that I really fucked up this year. That I did nothing well worth my time and that I might be fired.

I guess I should explain.

So I support two people in our fundraising department. My job is pretty easy; anybody with any basic typing/common sense skills could do it. Somehow, though, when I get these projects I really hate, I kind of just want them out of the way and over with so I can go back to watching cat videos/playthroughs on the internet. I don’t have the type of job that monitors your internet usage, so I’m lucky in that regard. But I can’t escape the feeling that if I spent more time trying, I wouldn’t be so nervous about this.

I’m also worried because I’ve gotten into trouble for some really stupid shit. Like my clothes. I’m old enough to know what business casual is, but somehow I fucked that up. I wore things that I thought were kind of OK, but I got called in to a private meeting and got told what’s what. I got in trouble for that, like, twice. I’ve been in trouble for leaving five minutes early twice. I’ve had HR come up to me saying that people are complaining about my body odor. I mean, what the hell is wrong with me? What the fuck? It makes me feel guilty because my boss one day told me that I was a good person, that they liked me. I don’t get why.

I mean, obviously I do my job. If I didn’t, I’d have been gone long before now. I worry that if I lose this job, I’ll have to go back to another shitty one. My husband and I will lose half of our income. And it will be my fault. Those words keep playing in my head, and I know the consequences, but I just don’t do anything about it. Some part of my brain says, Well, you’re probably going to lose your job anyway, you piece of shit, so just give up. Give up.

It’s getting harder to get out of bed. When the alarm goes off, I want to call out sick and just stay in my pajamas, in bed, and sleep the day away. On the weekends, I sleep for hours and hours. I don’t count because I think I’ll just freak out at the number. Some days I think about killing myself because I’m so fucking worthless. I can’t even launch a book successfully. I’ll never be a real author with real readers who give a shit about what I do. I tell myself that every day. It depresses the fuck out of me that I think these things. It scares me, too.

I know this is just, like, a thing I need to work out. I know I really need to get my shit together. I’ve been doing this for years, though, working on this. Like, when is it going to end? When am I going to be happy? I’m on medicine and I’m scared it’s not working, and maybe I’ll never get better. It sucks. It fucking sucks.

I’m sorry this post is such a downer. I just needed to get this off my chest, unfiltered, without judgement. If you’re having a shitty day, I feel for you. I hope that you get better and you don’t end up like me.

Reviews for The Beast!

I’ve gotten some great reviews for The Beast and I would love to share them with you all!


Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite
The Beast by A.R. Davis is almost reminiscent of a fairy tale in its danger, its mystery, and its brave and noble heroes. Something, whether man or beast, is preying on the people of Leola. The woods pose a danger to even the strongest of men, causing the villagers to starve and even the most steadfast among them to turn to their vices to survive. Valerie is one of the citizens fighting to live. In order to keep her family afloat, she must break the law to provide for them in the only way that remains to her.

There’s a very tense and almost creepy tone and feel to the book, as the citizens of Leola live in perpetual terror of the woods that border their town. The citizens’ fear was palpable in every decision hampered, every temper that flared because of the pressure placed on them by the insidious danger of the woods. This was a great touch and added a huge amount of tension and flair to the story.

I liked Aubrey the best, as I really related to his desires to make a name for himself and to be remembered for more than just being the king when he died. While this ambition leads Aubrey to be a bit brash and make certain mistakes, it also really resonated with me…perhaps because I’m going through my own quarter-life crisis and trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. The story bounces around for a while before coalescing into one solid tale that was both intriguing and insightful. I really enjoyed reading it and will be keeping an eye out for A.R. Davis in the future. https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-beast (4/5)



By ADropofInkReviews on July 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

I would consider this book a blend of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with a darker twist reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm. Well written, and with an ending that does the book justice, you go on a ride following very different characters.

At the very beginning, we are treated to a fairy tale about a Beast in the forest. Cursed by the spirit of the forest for his evil deeds, he is set a task where he has to perform 1,000 good deeds to atone for all the evil he has done in his life so far. What threw me was I kept expecting this story to come alive within the book somehow. It completely colored what I was expecting and as I read through the book, I kept waiting. This is one of the times I’d say the prologue did a disservice to the storyline as a whole.

Introduced to the main characters, one can’t help but draw parallels with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Belle takes on the form of Valerie. Instead of a “crackpot inventor,” we have a broken down guardsman who couldn’t handle the death of his wife and turned to drink instead. Valerie works in a bookstore and borrows books to read. There are other connections to the movie, but I’ll let you discover them on your own.

Young Aubrey steps into the role of Gaston. Not quite the same, but I couldn’t help but draw that parallel. I’m not going to say too much about him as his storyline is definitely different. He is a fascinating character.

The beast himself takes on a name and becomes known to Valerie after tragic circumstances change her life forever.

The book itself starts off slow. It then slams on the gas and takes off. If anything, I’d say this book has some pacing issues. Periodically, there would be a lot of major action happening but then be offset by ‘nothing much,’ only to have it ramp up and take off again. There were also minor typos and a few sentences which were missing words. It’s definitely a common occurrence when someone is editing but has read it so many times they don’t even notice the word is missing. Only readers new to the context will pick it up. One other problem I had was I couldn’t ever quite picture what the characters looked like. It’s like every one of them was an out-of-focus photograph in my mind. However, each had a distinctive personality that stood out.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read. The ending fit perfect and I was pleased with how A.R. Davis handled it. However, due to some of the themes introduced in this book and the violence, I would highly recommend a parent vet it before handing it over to a young adult reader. You should determine if this is something you want your child to read on your own, but it definitely has potential for a young adult book. (3/5) adropofinkreviews.com

I really enjoyed reading “Beast” by A.R. Davis. I thought it was excellently written (a few minor editing things but nothing too major) and kept my attention from the dramatic opening to the bittersweet end.  I read it relatively quickly and loved the characters and the fresh twist that the author spun on this familiar storyline. Make no mistake, it is creative and brings a new perspective to the fairy tale that gives it its own voice and identity. You won’t feel like you’re reading something you’ve read before. I’d recommend it for older teens and adults, and hope this author writes more like this in the future ‘cause I’d love to read it! Recommend for fans of YA/NA and fantasy. (5 stars) Karen Matthews Indie Book Reviewers
“The Beast” is the first book I’ve read from this author A.R. Davis but I hope it’s not the last. It was terrific! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing. It pulls you in from the beginning, and I enjoyed the author’s “voice” and style of writing. The various plotlines were well-crafted and not predictable, and I liked how she put a lot of new twists on the old tale (this is clearly inspired by “Beauty and the Beast”, but it definitely has its own identity.) The characters were all interesting and fleshed out, and we see the story unfold through various POV’s which helps to give a bigger picture. For the most part the pacing was ok… a bit slow at parts, but I enjoyed the dialogue and the descriptions. Very easy to read and get lost in. Some shocking and sad twists (no spoilers) but an ultimately satisfying ending. (4 stars) Jenna Brewster Indie Book Reviewers
“The Beast” by A.R Davis is an enchanting, moving novel, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of fantasy, folktale, mythology, action/romance. A.R. Davis infuses a unique blend of the traditional tale but completely turns it on its head and I have to say that the re-imagining really works! I honestly wasn’t sure if it would, because so many times books that are ‘retold’ like this just seem like… well… the same story. While there are subtle parallels here, the author isn’t afraid to venture into new and totally unexpected territory and take chances in a way that keeps us from thinking that we know what will happen. Because trust me—you don’t! Recommend for fans of YA fantasy/Sci-fi who want something fresh and unexpected. (4-5 stars) Laura Clarke Indie Book Reviewers
Wow, “The Beast” by author A.R. Davis  is by far one the more intriguing and enjoyable novels I’ve read in a long time! I was really intrigued by the premise of a modern re-telling of  “Beauty and the Beast” (one of my all-time faves) and I was not disappointed in the execution. I was curious how the author would pull it off as this is a tale that has been done many times before… it’s pretty tough to bring something new to the table to engage the readers. But I was completely drawn in from the get-go, and was impressed not only with the execution, but the writing itself, and Ms. Davis’s word choices. Vivid, atmospheric, and strangely believable (for such a far-out story). Near flawless editing (always a bonus) and I thought the ending and epilogue were perfect. Hope this author continues writing! (This appears to be a standalone novel and not a part of any series). Recommend. (5 stars) Claire Middleton Indie Book Reviewers
This was an excellent novel that captured my imagination from the beginning and never once let it go. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well thought out.  The descriptions were vivid and atmospheric, and the dialogue authentic.  I think at times the pacing seemed a bit uneven, with long chunks of narrative that for me slowed the pace a bit and I would have preferred more plot-advancement via dialogue and character interaction than with the pure narrative. Just makes me feel more detached than I prefer. But the writing is very good and this story took the inspiration of a legendary story and became something totally new, creative, and memorable. Well worth the read! (4 stars) Gillian Hancock Indie Book Reviewers
I will admit that it took me some time to really get into this book, and at first I wasn’t really sure where it was going. But the more I read the more I got into it, and thoroughly enjoyed this world and reality A.R. Davis brought to life.  The interweaving plotlines were complex, but not convoluted… and certainly not predictable! I’ve read my fair share of fairytale re-tellings and re-imaginings but this one felt wholly original on so many levels. I appreciated the intricate world building and plot development, but there were a few times I felt the story wasn’t as focused as I’d like, with some conversations and scenes maybe weren’t necessary and perhaps could have been eliminated to speed up the pacing. But I read the whole thing in the course of a few nights and had tears in my eyes at that ending. Overall a very positive experience and I’d recommend to others. (4-5 stars) Sam Ryan Indie Book Reviewers
You can get The Beast now for $.99 on Amazon from now until the end of the week! Happy reading.